‘The verdict is the best under the circumstances’ – Alhaji Rhyzo on the RTU-B.A. United cross-protest decision

NRFA Chairman, Alhaji Abu Hassan Rhyzo
NRFA Chairman, Alhaji Abu Hassan Rhyzo

After the verdict of the cross-protest between RTU and BA United which attracted diverse reactions from stakeholders, The Northern Regional Football Association (NRFA) Chairman, Alhaji Rhyzo in a statement has opined that the decision by the Disciplinary Committee is the best under the circumstances.


Frankly speaking, I will be surprise if anybody was expecting any verdict besides this one. This Decision in my opinion is the best under the circumstances.
The same Disciplinary Committee that declared Bofoakwa winners in their case against Unity FC and there was peace on this platform, is the same DC that again declared RTU winners based on the evidence before it.
Is it now the case that, when you don’t have a “Cabal of Friends and Cronies” to make noise on platforms then you don’t deserve justice?
The fundamental questions we need to be asking is, Whose act of commission or omission led to the abrupt end of the match? Any fair minded person will certainly not blame the away team.
Which team was responsible for ensuring adequate security at the venue? Certainly it is the Home team.
Who were those chasing the referee like a ‘rat’ on the field of play after the penalty decision?
It certainly was the home fans.
Who determines a penalty call on the field of play? Is it the Referee or Supporters?
If you put all these facts together and still believe that the DC should ordered a replay, then certainly you are not been honest and truthful to proceedings that day.
When teams that are in our good books are given boardroom points we are quick to hail such decisions, but when others get boardroom points then, it’s tagged “Behind the scene maneuvers or Machinations”
What type of logic is this?
What is good for the goose should equally be good for the gander.

The Ghana National Division One League (DOL) Zone 1 still has no clear winner and the weekend’s final round of games will decide who make it out of the Zone to the Ghana Premier League.



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