Reducing football development to just ‘kicking the ball’ is Northern Region’s main problem – NRFA Boss


Northern Regional Football Association (NRFA) chairman Alhaji Abu Hassan Rhyzo has revealed that one of the reasons why football in the Northern Region has not grown at a rate that is appreciable to many in the past years is that, people have reduced football development to just “kicking the ball”.

He observed that many football people over the last few years in contributing towards the development of football in their various districts, have concentrated a lot on playing of matches at the expense of other equally important aspects of the game.

This he observed, has affected a lot on the other aspects of the game in the region over the past years including capacity building and training workshops, branding, reshaping of fields and parks, online marketing of clubs, just to mention a few.

He, therefore, urge the various DFAs/MFAs and clubs in the region to engage in some retrospection and change their ways of managing football, rather than just reducing it to only kicking of the ball.

Mr. Rhyzo made these observations during the inauguration of the Sagnarigu Municipal Football Association (SMFA) at the New Assembly Hall of TAMASCO in Tamale.

“A whole season, you will see that, for one whole year, if you go to a DFA and you want them to tell you what they have done, all they had been able to do is to organize matches, and players kicking the ball”, he said.

“And, we cannot continue to do the same things and expect a different outcome”, he stressed. He, therefore, urged the DFAs to change their ways of doing things in order to attract the other stakeholders.

“What are we (DFAs) doing to ensure that at least we shape the media so that they can also intend to package the FA or our activities in such a way that they will look attractive to the other stakeholders?”, he quizzed.



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