NRFA Ordinary Congress: Highlights of Alhaji Rhyzo’s Address


Theme: Consolidating The Gains: The Role of Stakeholders

*Urged stakeholders of the game to play their role in the development of football in N/R.

*Government & traditional rulers have a role to play in terms of infrastructural development of the game. E.g issuing of lands & finance for pitch construction

*Coaches and technical members must update their knowledge to position themselves to impart knowledge to players.

*Parents must guide and discipline their kids.

*Supporters/Spectators must exercise a lot of restraint. They must imbibe a win/lose or draw mantra to avoid incidence of hooliganism during matches.

*Referees must be impartial & firm. He urged them to develop their fitness level to be physically fit & ready to handle games on the field of play.

*Media should project the positives of the game to attract interests from sponsors/Corporate World.

*Security: urged clubs & supporters to refrain from acts that will mar the beauty of our games.

Supported the following:
=Training of MCs
=RM to train Referees
=Catch the Young Policy
=Organize successfully Division 2 League(632 Matches played)(5 incidents)



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