NRFA Division 2 League midweek results


About 36 goals were produced on Match Day 2 in the midweek edition of the 2020/2021 Northern Regional Football Association Division Two(2) League across the various league centres in the region.

STK Stars FC recorded an emphatic win at the Sawla D/A School Park when they thrashed Sawla RFC by 4-1 on Wednesday. It was one of the games that produced the highest number of goals in the competition so far.

Tamale Tiyumba FC ensured they run pass Victory Stars by 3-0 at the Bagabaga Ladies Field.

Striker Hamza Fuseini scored a brace in that game to see to it that his team closes in on Zanwara FC who defeated Ultimate FC by 3-1, on top of the Batco Zone A league table.

The rest of the Match Day 2 results are:


Gmantambo Nationals FC 1-1 Bimbila New Era
(Bimbisec Field)

Wulunsi Sunkuli Star’s 0-2 Naamu Faith FC
(Wulunsi Town Park)

Tamale Gangdu stars 0-0 Africaid WizKids FC
(Tampe Kukuo Peace Park)

Zanwara FC 3-1 Ultimate FC (Stadium Annex Main)

Tiyumba FC 3-0 Tamale Victory Stars FC
(Bagabaga Ladies Field)

Sankara Nationals 1-0 Great Amphibians FC
(Islamic No1 Park)

Tuna Hawks FC 0-1 Pusha FC
(Tuna Town Park)

STK Stars FC 4-1 Savannah RFC
(Sawla D/A sch. Park)

Gambaga Stars 3-0 Bangmarigu FC
(Gambaga Town park)

Northern City 1-1 Al-Etifaq FC
(Ghanasco Park)

Real Republicans 1-0 Tamale Dynamos FC
(Kaladan Park 1)

Tamale Liberty FC vs Tamale Future Star FC
(Kaladan Park 2)



Sanaa FC 1-0 Nanumba Soccer Boys
(D/A JHS park)

Northern Zaytuna 0-0 Dreams Tamale
(TATU School Park)

Tamale Utrecht 1-1 Kasalgu Arrow Heads
(Utrecht Park)

Tamale Sunrise FC 2-0 Superfluous FC
(Tamasco Park)

Soccer Heroes FC 2-0 Yelzoli FC
(Islamic No1 Park)

Kanyati FC 2-0 Bole Super Stars
(Sawla D/A Park)

West Mampurusi United 1-1 Soo Unity FC
(Walewale Astro Turf)

Young Zobzia FC 1-0 Nalerigu United FC
(Gambaga Town Park)



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