Notice to all Regional Football Association Clubs


The Ghana Football Association would like to bring to the notice of all Regional Football Association clubs that as the first window of the 2021/2022 season registration comes to an end on Tuesday, November 9, 2021; the following directives would apply:

1.Clubs who fail to make payments for the processing of their applications will have their applications rejected in the FIFA Connect and the players and officials shall be ineligible for the season.

2. Clubs who fictitiously register a player by changing the details of the player will be referred to the appropriate judicial body of the GFA for the application of necessary sanctions. (Minimum 3-year ban).

3. Clubs who upload wrong documents in the FIFA Connect to beat the deadline, such registration will be rejected, and the player will be ineligible for the season.

4. Clubs, who refuse to respond to queries of their application within the stipulated time of three days, render such application invalid and rejected.

Clubs are advised to strictly comply with these directives to avoid sanctions.



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