Northern Regional Division 2 League off to a flying start


The 2021/2022 Northern Regional Football Association (NRFA) Division Two(2) league started over the weekend across the various league centres in the region.

The opening week presented us with some exciting and upsetting results.

Kasaligu Arrow Heads were 4-1 winners against Nyankpala Shooting Stars. Yagbon Stars FC defeat Daboya Young Stars FC by alone goal.

Yelzoli FC defeated Zongo Powers 2-0 away from home. A second half strike earned Bole United a 1-0 winners over Tuna Hawks. Tamale Gangdu FC drew 1-1 against Kumbungu Simli Stars while Tamale Liberty FC thrash debutants Al-Akshbal FC 5-2 at the Kaladan Park.

Elsewhere, Bimbilla New Era pipped Bindo Stars by alone goal to book the three maximum points at the Bimbisec Park.

Meanwhile, Sankara Nationals, Tamale Soccer Angels and Yapei United are on standby for the opening weekend due to the odd number of clubs in their Zones.

Below are the full results of Match Day 1:


Match Day 1 Results

Saturday 26th February 2022

Africaid Wizzkids Utd FC 2-1 FC Tamale
(Tampe Kukuo)

Tamale Ultimate FC 1-1 Nantong FC
(Stadium Annex 1)

Kasaligu Arrow Heads 4-1 Shooting Stars FC
(Nida ‘ul Islam Prim Sch Kasaligu )

Tamale Sunrise FC 0-0 Savelugu Yoo FC
(Tamasco Field)

Salim Stars FC 3-1 Tamale Gangdu Youngsters FC

Real Galaxy FC 0-3 Northern Zaytuna FC
(Kaladan 1)

Northern Boys FC 1-3 Bimbiem FC

Tamale Dynamos FC 1-1 Pong Tamale Utd FC
(Kaladan 2)

West Mamprusi FC 1-1 Nalerigu Utd FC
(Walewale Astro Turf)

Yagbon Star FC 1-0 Daboya Young Stars FC
(Dagrico Park)

Buipe Jakpa FC 1-1 Black Hawks FC (Sankpala Town Park)

Bole Super Stars F 1-0 Savanna RFC (Kurabaso Park)

Zongo Powers 0-2 Yelzoli FC
(Saboba Park)

Kuga Soccer Professional Fc 0-1 Yendi Soccer Lions FC
(Naa Yakubu Sch)

Great Amphibians FC 1-0 Yendi Football Utd FC
(Islamic No. 1)

Bindo Stars Fc 0-1 Bimbila New Era FC

Sunday 27th February, 2022

Gmantambo Nationals FC 0-0 Naamu Faith FC (Bimbisec)

Wulensi Sunkuli Stars Fc 0-0 Sanaa FC

Yendi All Stars FC 0-1 Beyom Soccer Ambassadors (Yendi Astro Turf)

Yendi Soccer Heroes SC 1-0 Gbewaa FC
(Islamic No 1)

STK Stars FC 0-1 Kanyiti FC (Sawla D/A)

Bole Utd FC 1-0 Tuna Hawks FC (Kurabaso L/A)

Pushers FC 3-0 Nanumba Soccer Boys FC (Amajandi Park)

Boresa FC 2-1 Buipe Scorpion FC
(Yapei Town Park)

Mole Nationals FC 3-0 Wasipe FC (Dagrico Park)

Gambaga Stars FC 3-0 Banmarigu FC
(Gambaga Town Park)

BMC Stars Fc 1-1 Soo Unity Stars FC
(Nalerigu Town Park)

Al-Itifaq FC 0-1 Northern City FC
(Kaladan 2)

Tamale Future Stars FC 2-0 Real Republicans FC (Batco Field)

Tamale Liberty FC 5-2 Al-ashabal FC
(Kaladan 1)

Tamale Utrecht FC 3-2 Northern Arsenals FC
(Kasaligu Utrecht Field)

Tamale Gangdu Stars Fc 0-0 Simli Stars FC
(Tampe Kukuo)

Tiyumba FC 1-1 Tamale Victory Stars FC
(Stadium Annex 1)



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